Improving the maturity of business information security On the Design and Engineering of a Business Information Security Artefact

This dataset accompanies the the doctoral thesis “Improving the maturity of business information security". This research project was executed between 2010 and 2017.

This dataset is divided per thesis chapter.

Chapter 1 deals with the introduction of the thesis Chapter 2 deals with the research approach and strategies Chapter 3 deals with key concepts Chapter 4 deals with a Group Support System (GSS) and Delphi research into management interventions for BIS Chapter 5 deals with a literature review and Group Support System research into Governance practices for BIS Chapter 6 deals with a Design Science Research into design and development of a BIS artefact Chapter 7 deals with a Design Science Research into demonstrating, evaluating, comparing a BIS artefact Chapter 8 deals with the findings, conclusions and future research

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