(Table 3) Relative abundance of Azolla spp., peridinoid dinocysts, gonyaulacoid dinocysts, non-saccate pollen, bisaccate pollen and spores from the Lomonosov Ridge during different Arctic coring expeditions


mMD = meters measured depth.a = high proportion of Senegalinium spp. b = high proportion of Cerodinium depressum, Deflandrea spp. Wetzeliella spp. and Senegalinium spp. c = high proportion of Phthanoperidinium spp. and Wetzeliella spp. d= all sites yielded megaspores. (-) = rare (+) = frequent (++) = common (+++)V = visible * = megaspore apparatuses with attached microspore massula(e). t = megaspore apparatuses that themselves were indeterminable, but had massula(e) attached that could be identified.

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