(Fig. VIII-1-14, Page 107-120) Visual characteristics of manganese nodules on bottom photographs collected in the Pacific Ocean during cruise GH77-1 of R/V Hakurei Maru, supplement to: Kinoshita, Yasumasa; Moritani, Tomoyuki; Handa, Keiji (1979): Manganese nodule occurrence and benthonic activities observed from deep sea photographs, in: Deep Sea Mineral Resources Investigation in the Central-Western Part of Central Pacific Basin, January-March 1977 (GH77-1 Cruise). Geological Survey of Japan, Cruise Report, 106-130


Deep sea photographs in the GH77-1 cruise were obtained by two methods, namely a one-shot 16 mm camera attached to the freefall (boomerang) type photo grab and an independent 35 mm deep sea camera.

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Spatial Coverage (-179.030W, 6.487S, -174.498E, 11.007N); Pacific Ocean
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