Spatial and long-term trends in persistent organic contaminants and metals in lake trout and burbot from the Northwest Territories

Our study consists of measuring mercury, other metals, and persistent organic pollutants in lake trout and burbot from three locations in two regions of Great Slave Lake to assess trends in concentration. Lake trout will be obtained from the domestic fishery at Lutsel K’e (East Arm) and the commercial fishery operating out of Hay River (West Basin); burbot will be obtained from the domestic fishery at Fort Resolution (West Basin), located on the Slave River delta. Twenty fish of each species will be harvested from each location by community members. In 2018, chemical analyses will focus on mercury, other metals, and newer chemicals such as flame retardants; while fish will be not be analyzed for legacy organic contaminants such as DDT, tissues will be archived for potential analyses at a later date. We will update our trend analyses of organic contaminants in lake trout and burbot in Great Slave Lake as well as our synthesis of our mercury trend investigations in several species of fish from Great Slave Lake and other areas in the NWT and conduct some additional analyses of a sediment core collected from the West Basin. We will collaborate with Dr. Zhu in his investigations of climate and cold-water fish productivity in Great Slave Lake, including the provision of food web samples for mercury and stable isotope analyses. Results will be reported to our partner communities in a coordinated visit to the Great Slave Lake area, ideally in summer. This will provide us with the opportunity to discuss study results, explore expanded community partnerships, and conduct lake sampling and training while on site. We will also maintain regular communications through email and telephone conversations. We will continue to collaborate with colleagues working on related studies in this area.

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Creator Evans, Marlene; Bjornson, Rosy; Giroux, Diane; Keating, Jonathan; Low, George; Low, Michael; McGoldrick, Daryl; Muir, Derek; Ruhland, Kathleen; Smol, John; Swanson, Heidi; Wang, Xiaowa; Zhu, Xinhua
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