Ichthyoplankton composition form REVIZEE cruise 2, South-Southeastern Brazilian Shelf, in 1997


The REVIZEE (Evaluation of the Sustainable Potential of Living Resources in the Exclusive Economic Zone - EEZ) was a national program coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment (MMA) designed to survey the country's potential fishing stocks and possible exploration strategies along the continental shelf, ranging from 20 to 800 km from the coast from the border with Guyana to Chuí (Brandini et al., 1997). Three cruises of the REVIZEE - South Score program, which comprised the region between Cape São Tomé and Chuí, were incorporated to the database: REVIZEE_2, the second cruise, was held in April and May 1997; REVIZEE_3, conducted in November and December 1997; and, REVIZEE_4, held in May 1999 only on a small portion ot the South Continental Shelf of Brazil. The second and third cruises, conducted with the research vessel Atlantico Sul, covered the entire area and resulted in 99 transects perpendicular to the coastline and 160 oceanographic stations, limited between the external shelf and the oceanic region near the 2000 m isobath (Franco et al., 2005). Plankton samples were obtained with oblique trawls conducted between 200 m depth and the surface in the deep stations, and from the bottom in the shallow stations. Two different bongo nets were used: a 0.6m mouth diameter bongo net with 300 ?m mesh; and, a 0.7m mouth diameter bongo net with a closing mechanism and a 330 ?m mesh. Both nets were equipped with flowmeters for determination of the volume of filtered water (Franco et al., 2005). In the fourth cruise, the flowmeter (Ictio1 cte = 0.457291 rot/m) was used only with the 0.6m bongo net. Samples were fixed and preserved in formaldehyde solution, buffered with sodium tetraborate, diluted in sea water with an approximate final concentration of 4%. The filtered volume was calculated and used to standardize the abundance of fish eggs and larvae per 100 m3 of filtered water.

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