Fossil manganese deposits buried within DSDP/ODP cores, Legs 1-126, supplement to: Usui, Akira; Ito, Takashi (1994): Fossil manganese deposits buried within DSDP/ODP cores, Legs 1-126. Marine Geology, 119(1-2), 111-136


Probable in-situ manganese deposits larger than 1 cm in diameter buried in ODP/DSDP cores were selected for study after examining previous descriptions of the manganese deposits in site reports and the ODP data base. Most of the selected samples from 11 cores occur at or just above sedimentary hiatuses or in slowly deposited sediments and are overlain by rapidly deposited sediments of biogenic, terrigenous or volcanogenic origin. The changes in sedimentation recorded in the lithostratigraphic sections around these deposits are closely related to changes in tectonic evolution, deep water circulation or biological productivity at the sites.The similarity in composition and structure of the buried deposits to those of the modern manganese nodules and crusts with no evidence of post-depositional change suggest that buried manganese deposits may be used as indicators of past sedimentary conditions during which they formed. Their major components are hydrogenetic and earlydiagenetic manganese minerals as well as detrital minerals. The characteristics of these manganese deposits suggests that similar processes of deposition have taken place since the Paleogene or older.

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