(Tables 1-2) Composition of red coloured tills from Schobuell, Schleswig-Holstein and Møn Island, Denmark, supplement to: Meyer, Klaus-Dieter (1981): Die rote Gesteinsscholle von Schobüll bei Husum (Schleswig-Holstein) - Rotliegendes oder Old Red? Meyniana, 33, 1-7


The stratigraphic position of the glacially transported 'Scholle' (large-size erratic block) at Schobüll near Husum (Schleswig-Holstein) is now considered to be Devonian rather than 'Rotliegendes'. The 'Scholle', consisting of red clay and dolomite, is overlain by red-colored till without any flint but with up to 90% carbonate clasts (containing 15% dolomite), which indicates an eastern Baltic origin. The relationship of the 'Scholle' with the glacial till also points to an eastern Baltic origin for it, with up to 1 000 km transport distance.

DEPTH, sediment is approximate.

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Spatial Coverage (9.017W, 54.504S, 12.249E, 54.926N); Møn Island, Denmark; Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
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