Long-term automated monitoring of year-round climatic parameters on Bylot Island, Nunavut

Our network includes 3 full climatic stations that record data on an hourly basis, year-round. One is in operation since 1994 (elevation: 20 m ASL), another one since 2001 (340 m ASL) and the most recent one since 2004 (21 m ASL). The two oldest stations are 3-m high towers that record air temperature and humidity (at 2 m), soil temperature (at 2, 5 and 10 cm), wind speed and direction (at 3 m), snow depth, solar radiation and precipitation. The newest one is a 10-m meteorological tower that hosts more recording instruments and over a greater height range above the ground. In compliance with recognized standards, we record air temperature (at 5 m), wind speed and direction (at 10 m), full solar radiation (i.e. far infrared, photosynthetic active radiation, albedo, net solar radiation, and UV-B radiation), barometric pressure, soil temperature (at 5 and 10 cm; two sites each), snow depth and air humidity. A fourth station examines the impact of goose grazing on the soil temperature regime. Since 1996, we monitor ground surface temperature (at 2 cm) at five paired sites, each pair having a site protected from goose grazing by an exclosure and a nearby site exposed to grazing. Every two days from late May to late June we also monitor snow depth at 25 stations along two 250-m transects and snow cover is evaluated from an elevated vantage point. Daily precipitation are also recorded manually from late May to late August. ** Datasets from our automated stations are available freely through Nordicana D (see citation above for DOI). Datasets recorded manually (snow depth, snow cover and precipitation) are available to download only for the IPY years 2007-2009. If data are downloaded and used for analyses, it would greatly be appreciated that the principal investigator be informed.

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