Pteleopsis myrtifolia (Laws.) Engl. & Diels

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Scanned files by OCR:f 1‘":- & PL04903571 EAST AFRICAN HERBARIUM (EA) € Flora of Mozambique (MN) Pteleopsrs-befbcsaeï— mflflufio‘m (M R LOW“) &.an D-eïs Family Combretaceae Locality Mozambique CABO DELGADO Nangade to Pundanhar pt 428 10 9029 S 39 9429 EAlt 165m Notes Deciduous Coastal Forest Tree 5m Ivs with glands infl immature HERBARIUM MUSE/ PAR/SlENS/S Det by Dups EA LMA P K Comment No material in EA Herbier Museum Paris LukeQ13763 12 November 2009 mull“ II I “I II With Luke P P04877819 ;;

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