Annotated record of the detailed examination of Mn deposits from BLM Leg Bravo Cruise, R/V Kana Keoki off the south-western coastal area of the Gulf of Mexico off Texas


The BLM-OCS (Bureau of Land Management-Outer Continental Shelf) program was designed to establish chemical, biological, and geological baseline on the South Texas Continental Shelf. The focus for the geological program was to establish the nature and amount of the suspended sediment in the water column, of the Holocene sediments on the shelf, and to identify and locate regions of geology conditions which may be hazardous to OCS operations. To accomplish these goals three cruises were planned. The report constitutes results of the second cruise. The results of these cruises associated with the subsequent laboratory analysis, enabled to establish a detailed baseline in order to provide significant geologic and biologic data for environmental assessment. Dredges recovered are available at University of Texas (see: BLM/OCS South Texas Outer Continental Shelf (STOCS) Project Sediment Data

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Contributor USGS Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center
Publication Year 1974
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Spatial Coverage (-96.638 LON, 26.705 LAT); Gulf of Mexico