Relative percentage diatom profile for BAIK94-38A using corrected values for dominant phytoplankton in the sedimentary record recalculated to sum to 100%.


Preservation differences can be used as correction factors to recalculate the relative abundances of each of the five dominant plankton taxa in BAIK38 and are depicted in Fig. 4. The resulting profile shows that Synedra acus is now the dominant taxa in zone 1 of the core, with other taxa being present at abundances generally less than 10%. At the zone 1/2 boundary, S. acus declines and is replaced by Cyclotella minuta and, to a lesser extent, Aulacoseira skvortzowii and Aulacoseira baicalensis. This profile is different from the relative abundance profile in Fig. 3, as S. acus values decline to very low values by c. 1400 AD, and C. minuta increases to peak values between c. 1525 and 1650 AD. Furthermore, the profile indicates that A. baicalensis remains common throughout this zone. Towards the zone 2/3 boundary, taxa more characteristic of warmer waters increase earlier than previously suggested at c. 1750 AD.

Related Identifier 10.1016/j.gloplacha.2004.09.021
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