Nd, Sr and Sm isotopic composition and model ages of rocks from the Anginskaya and Talanchanskaya formations, Lake Baikal, supplement to: Makrygina, V A; Sandimirov, I V; Sandimirova, G P; Pakhol'chenko, Yu A; Kotov, A B; Kovach, V P; Travin, A V (2010): Nd-Sr systematics of metamagmatic rocks of the Anginskaya and Talanchanskaya formations, middle part of Lake Baikal. Geochemistry International, 48(10), 979-987


The paper presents data on the Nd-Sr systematics of magmatic rocks of the Khaidaiskii Series of the Anginskaya Formation in the Ol'khon region, western Baikal area, and rocks of the Talanchanskaya Formation on the eastern shore of Lake Baikal. Geochemical characteristics of these rocks are identical and testify to their arc provenance. At the same time, the epsilon(t)Nd of rocks of the Khaidaiskii Series in the Ol'khon area has positive values, and the data points of these rocks plot near the mantle succession line in the epsilon(t)Nd-87Sr/86Sr diagram, whereas the epsilon(t)Nd values of rocks of the Talanchanskaya Formation are negative, and the data points of these rocks fall into the fourth quadrant in the epsilon(t)Nd -87Sr/86Sr diagram. This testifies to a mantle genesis of the parental magmas of the Khaidaiskii Series and to the significant involvement of older crustal material in the generation of the melts that produced the orthorocks on the eastern shore of the lake. These conclusions are corroborated by model ages of magmatic rocks in the Ol'khon area (close to 1 Ga) and of rocks of the Talanchanskaya Formation (approximately 2 Ga). The comparison of our data with those obtained by other researchers on the Nd-Sr isotopic age of granulites of the Ol'khon Group and metavolcanics in various structural zones in the northern Baikal area suggests, with regard for the geochemistry of these rocks, the accretion of tectonic nappes that had different isotopic histories: some of them were derived from the mantle wedge and localized in the island arc itself (magmatic rocks of the Anginskaya Formation) or backarc spreading zone (mafic metamagmatic rocks of the Ol'khon Group), while others were partial melts derived, with the participation of crustal material, from sources of various age (metagraywackes in the backarc basin in the Ol'khon Group and the ensialic basement of the island arc in the Talanchanskaya Formation).

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