NCP and IPY INCATPA - Atmospheric Organic Contaminants Measurements, Little Fox Lake, Yukon, Canada

This project involves the measurement of organic contaminants in Arctic air. The measurement of amounts and types of contaminants involves collecting large volumes of air through filters which are then analyzed in a laboratory. Results are used to support chemical risk assessment and risk management under international control agreements and to test atmospheric models that explain the movement of contaminants from sources in the South to the Arctic. Through IPY, the Little Fox Lake station restarted in the summer of 2007 for measurement of organic pollutants in air. Semi-volatile organic contaminants (SOCs) were measured using 3 methods: (1) Weekly (7-day integrated) high volume air sampling using one glass fiber filter and two polyurethane foam (PUF) plugs giving concentrations in picogram per cubic meter (July 2007 - August 2009) (2) Three-month integrated passive air sampling using PUF-based samplers giving air concentrations in picogram per cubic meter (July 2007 - ongoing). (3) Monthly-integrated flowthrough air sampling using PUF giving air concentrations in picogram per cubic meter (August 2011 - ongoing).

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Creator Hung, Hayley; Alexandrou, Nick; Dryfhout-Clark, Helena; Harner, Tom; Laberge Environmental Services; Organics Analysis Laboratory; Steffen, Alexandra; Thomas, Jamie; Wong, Fiona
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Publication Year 2019
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Spatial Coverage (-135.600W, 61.300S, -135.600E, 61.300N)
Temporal Coverage Begin 2007-08-12T00:00:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 9999-12-31T00:00:00Z