Community based seawater monitoring for organic contaminants and mercury in the Canadian Arctic

The project started in May 2014 and built on previous work in Barrow Strait near Resolute in 2011 and 2012 and became a “core monitoring” project last year. Seawater samples for a full suite of contaminants were successfully collected from Barrow Strait under ice covered conditions (May-June) and from open water (August-September 2016) using 1) passive samplers (thin plastic films) deployed for 5 to 6 week periods, 2) large volume water (200 L) samplers, and 3) Niskin samplers to obtain 1 L samples at various depths. A full suite of collections was also carried out in Anaktalak Fiord near Nain using passive and Niskin samplers in the open water season in July. Passive samplers were successfully deployed in Wellington Bay near Cambridge Bay, in Barrow Strait, and in the Beaufort Sea near Sachs Harbour in open water in August 2016. Analysis of stain resistant (perfluorinated) chemicals has been completed and shows that perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) has declined to non-detectable levels since the mid-2000s. Mercury concentrations at Barrow Strait (2014-2016) remain unchanged compared to 10 years earlier (2004-05). For 2017-18, we propose to repeat the sampling in May and August in Barrow Strait and obtain two sampling times in Anaktalak Fiord with help from local community and scientists. In addition, we propose to again deploy passive samplers in the Beaufort Sea near Sachs Harbour, Wellington Bay near Cambridge Bay, as well as in Davis Strait. Results for other sites would allow comparison to test the representativeness of Barrow Strait as a sampling site.

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