HII region emission-line fluxes analysis (Zurita+, 2021)

Compiled catalogue of 2831 HII region emission-line fluxes and coordinates. The catalogue also contains the derived galactocentric radius, physical properties (Te and ne) and the O/H and N/O abundance ratios. These have been derived using a variety of strong-line methods: HII-CHI-mistry, N2, O3N2, R23, N2O2 and the R calibration for O/H, and HII-CHI-mistry, N2O2, N2S2 and R calibration for N/O. Direct or Te-based abundances have been calculated for a subsample of 610 HII regions. The regions belong to a sample of 51 nearby spirals, for which we have derived their radial 12+log(O/H) and log(N/O) abundance profiles. The best-fitting parameters (abundance gradients, central abundances, scatter, etc) are provided in the corresponding tables for all the abundance methods used in this work.

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