Radiocarbon dating of mumiyo samples from Antarctica, supplement to: Hiller, Achim; Hermichen, Wolf-Dieter; Wand, Ulrich (1995): Radiocarbon-dated subfossil stomach oil deposits from petrel nesting sites; novel paleoenvironmental records from continental Antarctica. Radiocarbon, 37(2), 171-180


Radiocarbon dating is a nimportant tool for reconstructing Late Quaternary paleoenvironmental history of the Antarctic continent. Because of the scarcity of datable material, new suitable substances are welcomed. We present here novel paleoenvironmental records subfosil stomach oil deposits (mumiyo). This waxy organic material is found in petrel breeding colonies, especialy in those of snow petrels, Pagodroma nivea. The substance is formed by acumulation and solidifica tion of stomach oil regurgitated for the purpose of defense. We demonstrate and outline the usefulnes and limitations of 14C dating mumiyo for determining dates of local ice retreat, moraines and petrel ocupation history.

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