A database for soil organic carbon in northern Canada


Available field measurements of soil organic carbon (SOC) in northern Canada were compiled and a database was developed by checking related papers and reports as well as through personal contacts. Additionally, to provide more information on areas where data was missing, studies were conducted in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and in the Lupin gold mining area, Nunavut in 2005. Including our recent measurements, the database contains 438 profiles with 1473 soil horizons. Preliminary analysis shows that the SOC content of subsurface soils is relatively high in northern regions. In the top 100 cm of soils, 40% of the SOC is located in the 50 to 100 cm layer. The SOC content is lower in northern Arctic and in mountainous regions. The average upland SOC content in northern Canada is higher than in other world biomes (i.e. croplands, temperate forest, tropical savannahs, and tropical forest) except temperate grasslands and boreal forest.

DOI http://dx.doi.org/doi: 10.4141/S06-029
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