Reconstruction of anthropogenic activites in sediments cores from the Eure River


We measured several sedimentological (Grain Size, Total Organic Carbon, Hydrogen Index (HI) Oxygen Index (OI), Magnetic Susceptibility, Spectrocolorimetry (Reflectance L* and Wavelengths), Short-lived radionuclides) and geochemical (XRF, Trace Metals concentrations) parameters along sediment cores collected in water-dependant areas (ponds) from the lower Eure River to reconstruct the anthropogenic activities that have occurred in the watershed since 1940s.

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Creator Gardes, Thomas; Debret, Maxime; Copard, Yoann; Patault, Edouard; Winiarski, Thierry; Develle, Anne-Lise; Sabatier, Pierre; Dendievel, André-Marie; Mourier, Brice; Marcotte, Stéphane; Leroy, Barbara; Portet-Koltalo, Florence
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Publication Year 2020
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Spatial Coverage (1.051W, 49.297S, 1.170E, 49.304N)