Geochemistry and varves on a sediment profile from Hämelsee, Germany, supplement to: Merkt, Josef (1994): The Alleroed - duration and climate as derived from laminated lake sediments. Terra Nostra, 1/94, 59-63

The Alleroed biozone encompasses 625 calendar years. The pollenanalytically determined upper and lower boundary is in good agreement with the development of the microfacies. The study of the macrofacies of annually laminated sediments is a useful tool. It yields not only very accurate varve counts but also paleoclimatological and environmental proxy data. The LST -event occurred 200 years before the Younger Dryas. They exIsts no relationship. However, during ten to twenty years following the LST, the lake deposited sediments similar to those at the beginning of the Younger Dryas, which should be due to comparable meteorological conditions.

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