Mercury in lake sediment cores of eastern and northern Canada

Cores from 50 arctic, subarctic and midlatitude lakes were obtained from 1998 to 2005 with KB (Kajak-Brinkhurst type corer), Glew or Uwitec corers using 6-10 cm diameter acrylic plastic tubes. All cores, except Lakes A, Cli, Croche, Cromwell, Connelly, Hazen, North and West were obtained in July- September from a small boat or a float-equipped aircraft. The latter 6 were obtained through holes drilled through the ice. Multiple cores were obtained at each site. The deepest point in each lake were selected by sonar, or using bathymetric maps. Cores were extruded and sliced into 0.5 or 1 cm sections. Sediment cores were dated using the 210Pb and/or 137Cs methods, and sedimentation rates and dates were estimated using the Constant Rate of Supply (CRS) model. Total Hg was determined by cold vapour atomic absorption spectrometry and a subset of cores were analysed by direct combustion using a DMA-80. Total Pb was determined by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) (PQ-2, VG Elemental) and Mn and Fe using ICP-atomic emission spectrometry (AES). A subset of the cores (15) were analysed for ¿reactive¿ Fe and Mn by extraction with 1 M HCl , and the extracts were analysed by ICPAES. Multielement analysis for between 10 and 30 additional trace elements was conducted by ICP-MS. Organic carbon was determined by CHN analyser.

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