(Table 1) Organic carbon and hydrogen index data for sediment samples from ODP Site 105-645, supplement to: ten Haven, H Lo; Rullkötter, Jürgen (1988): The diagenetic fate of taraxer-14-ene and oleanene isomers. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 52(10), 2543-2548


The extractable organic matter in Holocene to early Miocene deep-sea sediments from Site 645 (ODP Leg 105) in Baffin Bay contains almost exclusively biological markers of terrigenous origin. Pentacyclic triterpenoids of the alpha-(ursene) and beta-amyrin (oleanene) type often occur as the most abundant compounds in the aliphatic hydrocarbon, ketone and alcohol fractions of the sediment extract.A specific diagenetic reaction involves the conversion of taraxer-14-ene into olean-12-ene in the upper 700 metres of the sedimentary sequence. The taraxerene-to-oleanene conversion is complete before the onset of isomerisation of diasterenes at C-20. In the sediment as well as in laboratory simulation experiments, olean-12-ene further isomerises to olean-13(18)-ene and olean-18-ene, the latter of which may be the direct precursor of 18beta(H)- and 18alpha(H)-oleanane found in sediments containing more mature organic matter and in crude oils. The subsurface interconversion of these triterpenoid skeletons indicate that oleanane does not necessarily start life as an oleanoid.

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