Carbon, nutrients and sediment fluxes of a thermal erosion gully stream on Bylot Island, Nunavut.

Water samples were collected daily (or every 2-3 days for some sites), from June 15 to July 30, 2017 at 13 different sites along a thermal erosion gully. Water samples were also collected three times a day at the gully outlet during this same period. Water temperature, electrical conductivity (EC) and velocity measurements were taken at each sampling time. Temperature, EC and pH of water samples were also measured in a field laboratory within 5 hours of collection. Water samples were filtered and stored in coolers and sediments collected on filters were stored in a freezer for eventual mass measurements. Future laboratory analyses will include dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and total dissolved nitrogen (TDN) concentrations, nutrient and ions concentrations, isotopes, and dissolved organic matter (DOM) fluorescence.

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Creator Lafrenière, Melissa; Rioux, Karine; Fortier, Daniel
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Publication Year 2017
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