Stadspanel Delft 1991 - VSO Panel survey city of Delft 1991 - VSO


Opinion of the inhabitants of Delft about various aspects of living in Delft P1285A: Detailed information concerning r.'s residence / satisfaction with housing situation and district where r. is living / the new municipal housing distribution / social care and care for the elderly, neighbouring help / noise pollution and other sources of nuisance in neighbourhood / r.'s experience with vandalism / maintenance of streets and green space, cleaning of the centre, cleaning of garbage cans, collecting refuse / informed about planning for maintenance of streets and green space planning / use of shopping centre nearby for daily shoppings / environmental issues/ separate collection of refuse, use of energy / use of emergency number / contacts with various kinds of service centres, satisfied with contacts / contacts with Municipal Services, satisfied with contacts / having a Young People's Cultural Pass (CJP) by children younger than 15 years and by young people of 15 years and older / having children attending ordinary primary education, denomination of school / buying things on account / composition of income of household. P1285B: Use of bicycle / reading Municipal Messages in free local paper / use of local news media / fear for crime and inconveniences by crime in neighbourhood / contacts with police and satisfaction with functioning of police / items to which the police should pay more attention / leisure time activities, visits cultural centres, swimmingpool, the 'Delftse Hout' / possibilities to get housing in Delft / most urgent environmental problem / r.'s contribution to a cleaner environment / Social Improvement ( 'Sociale Vernieuwing' ) / adult education / r. is having debts. Background variables: basic characteristics/ housing situation/ household characteristics/ occupation/employment/ income/capital assets/ education/ readership, mass media, and 'cultural' exposure/ organizational membership

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Contributor Gemeente Delft (research initiator) ;M. van Rhee, Gemeente Delft, Afd. CCO (depositor);AGB Intomart * Hilversum (data collector)
Publication Year 2007
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Contact Gemeente Delft (research initiator) ;M. van Rhee, Gemeente Delft, Afd. CCO (depositor);AGB Intomart * Hilversum (data collector)
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