Supporting the Development of Climate Change Scenarios

To improve capacity, a technical analyst worked with an expert scenario agency, drawing from the agency's expertise and training on the subject of climate change scenario development and on the scenario server from the Canadian Climate Change Scenarios Network (CCCSN). An inventory of knowledge was started (to be built upon in upcoming years) on scientific, weather, climate and meteorological data, creating a baseline to be assessed for scenario development. A database was created, collating temperature, precipitation, extreme weather, ice and snow cover, sea level rise, etc. data. Furthermore, to collate historical and current climatic data, records from industry, governments, academia, agencies, and public were examined for information concerning average temperature, precipitation, extreme precipitation events, total snowfall, days with snow, lake and river ice, growing season and sea level rise. A gap analysis was performed and adaptation needs were identified through the synthesis of previous work on community priorities and potential scenario users. In the second year of this project specifically, a project coordinator and a technical analyst worked in collaboration, bringing the science of climate change scenarios together with the needs of the communities and stakeholders. A workplan and a communication strategy focused on supplying decision-makers with scenario information were created. The inventory of climatic data was completed by a technical analyst, producing a final report, including gaps in knowledge and monitoring and an analysis of available data. Finally, the inventory of climate data was made available on the internet as the Collated Yukon Climatic Database. This information was synthesized to determine appropriate climate change indicators in Yukon to develop regional climate change scenarios. Workshops were held to communicate climate scenarios, adaptation strategies, and decision making benefits to stakeholders.

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