(Table 1) Population density and biomass of the foraminifer Rupertina, and grain size of cores from the Norwegian continental slope, supplement to: Lutze, Gerhard F; Altenbach, Alexander V (1988): Rupertina stabilis (WALLICH), a highly adapted, suspension feeding foraminifer. Meyniana, 40, 55-69


Rupertina stabilis occupies a depth restricted biotope of suspension feeding animals situated at the Norwegian continental margin. It extends from the Voring plateau northwards for at least 200 - 300 km, in depths between 600 and 800 m. This slope position is known for relatively strong bottom currents and shifting watermass boundaries. - The species is attached to hard substrates, mainly stones or hydroid stalks and obviously prefers an elevated position. It is building a permanent cyst of sponge spicules and debris at the apertural region. The spicules are used to support a pseudopodial network similar to that described from Halyphysema (LIPPS 1983). It is believed to serve as a filter apparatus. - A review of known occurences in the Atlantic is given, suggesting a temperature adaption of the species ranging from 0°C to a maximum of 8°C. Specimens were successfully cultured for about 2-3 weeks. Biomass was originally given in µg/10 cm2 and was recalculated to g/m2 by dividing by 1000.

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