M31 center emission-line point-like sources (Martin+, 2018)

We present a catalogue of the point-like sources in the central 11'x11' part of M31 obtained with SITELLE. For each source we report the radial velocity as long as the spectrophotmetric flux of H-alpha, [NII]6584 and the sum of the [SII]6717,6731 doublet. The ID of the sources cross-matched with the catalogues from Merrett et al. (2006MNRAS.369..120M, J/MNRAS/369/120) and Halliday et al. (2006MNRAS.369...97H, J/MNRAS/369/97) are also indicated. We also report the detection of the sources in the images of the Local Group Galaxies Survey (Massey et al., 2006, 2006AJ....131.2478M).

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