Influence of Climate Warming on Mercury Dynamics in High Arctic Lakes

We have preliminary evidence from our monitoring lakes that temperature increases the production of MeHg in sediment, and we thus hypothesize that this effect increases MeHg concentrations in sediments, sediment-dwelling insects (chironomids), and char that feed on the insects. During 2013 and 2014, we will intensively study water temperature and MeHg dynamics in four lakes near Resolute Bay. Fieldwork will depend on the help of local people in Resolute Bay. We will couple results from this study with monitoring data from char in a bioaccumulation model to better understand and predict how the changing sources of Hg and climate change will influence the accumulation of Hg and associated ecosystem health risks over time.

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Creator Paul Drevnick; Alicia Manik; Benjamin Barst; Carl Lamborg; Debbie Iqaluk; Derek Muir; Günter Köck; Karista Hudelson
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